Thursday, November 11, 2004


In our last post, ABC picks up a new show that I love, and one I’m violently ambivalent about (but interested in) doubling the number of interesting shows form last year. How does NBC fare?

L&O, various: These are the baseline shows against which the other dramas are judged. Year in and year out, they keep a consistent, if not exciting, level of quality, which is an absolute marvel. I watch random episodes when they come out, catch some reruns on cable, and the level seems consistent again this year.

CROSSING JORDAN has been quite good. I get whiplash watching the non-primary characters come and go, but the stable cast is all good. This is another show I warmed to over time. When it first aired, I thought it was quite inaccurate as to medical and pathologic knowledge and technique, but now I have Medical Investigations to compare it to. Many good characters have developed, including Jerry O’Connell’s Woody (the little man-child is a scream, and he doesn’t flinch in playing an incredibly silly character), Bug, Nigel, and Macy. I’ve warmed to Jordan a bit, though attempts to dither with her character always seem to fall flat. Axe the councilor and the DA, though (yuk). Their half of the crossover with Las Vegas was the better half, and was an above average episode. The show seems healthy now after last season’s stutter start (due to Jill Hennessey’s pregnancy). The show is a bit inconsistent, but is as good as it’s ever been.

LAS VEGAS This show continues to flesh out (no pun) it’s guilty pleasure goodness, with only two relative dud episodes so far this season (the Crossing Jordan X-over finale and the episode with Sam boffing a Boston lobsterman for… well, lobsters). Several episodes are series bests (e.g. the George Hamilton episode). The show is fun fun fun, and has developed well, and has the two silliest male cast members on TV who aren’t Woody Hoyt.

LAX was the season’s first casualty of shows we actually watched (Hawaii and Father of the Pride were two NBC shows we sampled a few of, but never committed to). This perfectly watchable show just didn’t have what it took to weather the move to Wednesday. See earlier posts for a discussion of what I liked about this average show.

WEST WING: Missed the premiere, and didn’t care, so I’ve dropped it. Probably will catch this on DVD. Networks – this is one problem of late start dates for shows in decline.

JOEY: Don’t want to start on this. Suffice it to say the writing was horrible but got better each episode, and the one with the party was pretty good, but my DVR can’t handle 3 things, so I haven’t seen it in several weeks.

MEDICAL INVESTIGATION continues to suck slightly less than the pilot did. My favorite episode was the North Nebraska State University episode, which was filmed at USC so obviously that anyone who had never been west of the Mississippi would know it (the Olympic stadium, the USC crest, Tommy Trojan, and yes, the big letters USC, all appeared in the episode). So the whole show is sloppy, not just the medical fact checking. Lets face it, though: this show is hamstrung by its formula. The reversals are all predicated on the investigators being convinced they are right, steamrollering over everyone in their path, finding out they are wrong, redirecting, and then being sure they’re right again. Repeat x4, then close. I almost want to start a website dedicated to the inaccuracies in this show, but that smacks of desperation. The fact that I’m watching the show is desperate enough.

So NBC doesn’t fare that well with 2 good returnees, the L&O’s (that I don’t usually watch new), some relatively failed shows, a show I hate so much I watch it.


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