Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I buy way too many comics, and I have to make a list every week (with running things to check on from week to week) or else I miss stuff. Since I have a blog now, I figured, why not slap this list up here with some light annotations:

A1 Bloodman Special Mister Monster WWII, $6.99: I’m excited about Atomeka’s return, and am willing to see where they go. Mister Monster is one of those low key independent comic “properties” that I missed out on, so this will be all new to me.

Robocop Killing Machine Special #1 Crowd Control, $5.99: I’ll get this if Stephen Grant (a fellow Hendersonite and Nevadan) is writing.

Conan #8, $2.99: A good midrange book. I’m never really excited to read it, but it’s been pretty solid month to month.

Milkman Murders #1-3 (Of 4), $2.99 – look into: I like Parkhouse, but just sort of missed this. If I see the issues, I might pick them up.

Catwoman #35, $2.50: I’m out with Brubaker. I’m one of those ninnies that got left cold by the art change.

Elric Making Of A Sorcerer #1 (Of 4), $5.95???: The ???? designation means taking a look at it in the store.

Ex Machina #4, $2.95: Put me in the pro column for this – I’m really enjoying it month to month, and none of the reported inconsistencies have bothered me. My favorite Vaughn book right now by a comfortable margin.

Flash #214, $2.25: This title and JSA (both by Johns) have increasingly lost me as of late. They may not be long for my list.

Manhunter #2, $2.50: First issue intriguing – giving it one more to sell me.

Sleeper Season Two #4 (Of 12), $2.95: I really like this title, but I’m not as gung ho as some. This is definitely quality storytelling, and I hope, somehow (though I don’t see how it will happen) this can avoid the axe at the end of this “season.”

Teen Titans #16, $2.50: Think I’m dropping this (wait, another Johns book – I see a pattern)

Tom Strong #28, $2.95: In till the end – I’ll write a dissertation on the ABC books some time (maybe when the universe finishes ending, and Moore does his last issue, I’ll do a postmortem).

Witching #4, $2.95: Mildly interesting – thought it was a mini-series, and I’ll probably be out after the first storyline if it’s not.

Justice League Unlimited #1, $2.25: Residua – missed this when it first shipped– this is for my 8 year old (though I will read it) who also gets Teen Titans, Go! And Sonic the Hedgehog

Gray Area #3 (Of 3), $5.95: Don’t think this comes out this week

Walking Dead #11, $2.95: Really liking Kirkman’s stuff at the moment, but I’m beginning to tire of the volume, and (I believe) so is he. This is his best title right now in my opinion, and I like Allred’s art better now than I ever did before.

Astonishing X-Men #5, $2.99: No comment.

Avengers #502 (#87), $2.25: One of only 2 come hell or high water titles I get – the other being Legion. I’m not enjoying the Bendis here (this is only the third Bendis title I haven’t liked, though, and he still hits more than he misses) and I hope he just finishes the arc and leaves.

Black Widow #1 (Of 6), $2.99: Gotta do it.

Doctor Spectrum #1 (Of 6), $2.99: Missed it somehow, still looking for it.

Nightcrawler #1, $2.99???: Probably not, but I’ll look.

Ultimate Elektra #2 (Of 5), $2.25: No comment.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #11, $2.25
Uncanny X-Men #449, $2.25: Good art, that’s it.

Venom #18, $2.99: For my wife, believe it or not.

Venom Vs Carnage #3 (Of 4), $2.99: Ditto (she’s a Venom fan – yes, they exist).

Harry Johnson???
Ashes 2 Ashes???


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