Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Against all reason, last nights pilot for “LAX” turned out to be pretty good. There is something a little off about the two leads, with Blair Underwood in full pre murder OJ mode (not just the running through the airport, but the simultaneous pompous/charming/sleazy thing) and Heather Locklear as a rule breaking rebel (we know this because she tells us). The chemistry here is odd, but there was a huge “ugh” moment when it was revealed, low and behold, they had previously had an affair, and he’s married. To me, this is the kind of baggage a quick moving show like this does not need. I wonder if their animosity to each other will turn out to be thinly veiled attraction? I also though the dog-chasing slapstick was a little much, and they overused the soundtrack (it was too obtrusive in the same way the “Crossing Jordan” weekly folk-remake orgy is). But otherwise, the usage of the secondary characters was good, and they managed to develop some nice tense moments. The drunk Serbian pilots were fun (enough to suppress the feeling of “no way that could happen”) and the “orphan plane” thing was genuinely touching, though it did come out of nowhere. I am very surprised as this looked dreadful from the ads.


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