Thursday, September 16, 2004


I have intently been watching the hurricane coverage on the news. I used to live in hurricane country (born in New Orleans, lived in Southern Louisiana for 28 years), and I feel tremendous sympathy for all those with personal loss of property or loved ones. But…

Hurricane coverage makes me homesick.

I left Louisiana many years ago, and I miss some things, while I don’t miss others. The unbearable humidity and the attitude of many towards education (this is a rant for another time) I could do without, but I love a lot of things about the atmosphere of the Crescent City…just not enough to make me want to go back.

There is something compelling about the atmosphere surrounding the storm, though. Life stops for a day or to, and routine schedules are supplanted by the persistent thought of “what actions will I take to keep me, my family, and my property safe.” Even if you are not too worried, or most likely the hurricane will miss you, the normal grind is set-aside for a while. There is electricity in the air (which is partly barometric and party psychological), and a heightened sense of community. In short, it is a kind of purifying experience.

So, when I watch the coverage on the news, it brings back that feeling, and I miss New Orleans in a way that I usually don’t. Hope everyone stays safe.


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