Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Next season's TV

I’ve got to get back posting, so I thought I’d ease in with this categorical look at next season’s new shows (yes, a TV post):

No way no how
-Commander in Chief
-Three wishes
-Apprentice: Martha Stewart
Sounds pretty bad, probably won’t watch
-Sex, Lies, and Secrets
-Out of Practice
-Hot Properties
-Head Cases
-Close to Home
I’m afraid my wife will make me
-Love, Inc
-Ghost Whisperer
Not too bad, but not uninterested
-The War at Home
-My Name is Earl
-Kitchen Confidential
-Just Legal
-How I met your mother
-Criminal Minds
Hope’s not good, but I feel obliged to try
-The Gate
Sounds good.. not great, but good
-Bones – fan of both Boreanez and the Riechs books
-Threshold – heard good things
-The Night Stalker – got a good feeling
-Invasion – loved American Gothic… this is the same team, right?
I’m excited
-Prison Break (seen the pilot, and it’s great!)
Special Category: Sounds promising, but I’ll never watch it because of the time slot
-Everybody Hates Chris


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Hey, welcome back!

Yeah, Invasion is from Shaun Cassidy, who brought us the sublime (and screwed-by-the-network) American Gothic, which is why I hold out hope that it will be high on the quality meter.


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